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Frank Sheehan

HyperSphere are Big Data visualisation and simulation specialists providing strategic consulting, innovative design, project management and implementation of engaging smart solutions, delivering positive user experience and enhancing people’s lives. Inspiring innovation for a smarter safer and sustainable world


Smart cities are no longer a dream or science-fiction, they’re our reality and the focus should be on developing more smart cities around the globe.

Today, 54% of people worldwide live in cities and these numbers are expected to grow to 70% by 2050. This growing urban population will increase the demand on our already overburdened, pollution-filled cities, putting pressure on transport, health, sanitization, water, and waste management which can create the spread of diseases and infections - making some cities rather unpleasant, unsafe places to live.

Cities need to make changes to cope. Disorganized approaches to urbanization will and have created badly planned cities with overcrowding, which is resulting in wastage of the world's natural resources, ghettos, and lack of facilities. Smart City technology’s main goal is to combine technological innovation with the economic social and ecological challenges of the city of tomorrow to enable us to live better together - whilst protecting our planet and respecting our environment.



HyperCity is the latest technology from the team at HyperSphere.

A hardware-agnostic - seamlessly integrated, smart city, digital transformation platform, HyperCity is your one-stop-shop, smart city platform allowing decision-makers the ability to monitor, communicate and manage many things, enabling a better quality of life, better management, and mitigates risk.

Decisions are real-time and more accurate. The tool is non-propriety, modular, scalable, and totally sustainable; the capabilities of the platform are unlimited and absolutely anyone can use the platform to have access to all things smart!

HyperCity digitalizes various aspects of a city to help carry out activities efficiently. It also consists of several modules that function together to perform tasks that seamlessly run a city. The modular design of HyperCity means it can scale up and down quickly according to your project. It will work on larger city projects or in smaller communities such as hospitals, universities, housing developments, office blocks, and so on.

Being hardware agnostic - HyperCity is the perfect solution to integrate all applications into a unified database and common user platform, alleviating the nightmare of managing multiple platforms and different user interfaces. Fast, real-time data analysis is crucial to the success of your project - as are collaboration and communication.

 With HyperCity you manage all your data – it’s secure, certified, and centralized with a City Command and Control central dashboard. Providing Government or City officials with this dashboard helps to monitor, control, communicate and manage everything in just a few smart clicks and gives real-time data which is vital for fast decision making. Using our HSE technology HyperCity gives convenient and easy accessibility to everything in your city with just a few taps through an ease-of-use UI [User Interface] for a positive UX [User Experience].


How HyperCity can be used:

• Transportation: From detecting slow-moving traffic to improving traffic flow, to fleet management & parking.

• Smart urban mobility - parking, buses/bus stops, public transport, electric bikes and scooters, shortening commute times, keeping the city green.

• Smart Energy - sustainable renewable energy sources promoting greater eco-friendliness while driving down costs.

• Smart Waste management – notifying when waste bins are ready to be emptied keeping cities cleaner and safer.

• Smart Health - connecting with anything to do with health care and wellbeing.

• Smart Water management – keeping water clean, conserving water, detecting leaks in real-time, monitoring usage.

• Security – people, blockchain cyber-security.

• Smart tourism - ensuring tourists have access to places of interest, public transport, airports, maps.

• Public safety - all the above including increase lighting and CCTV but also real-time smart devices reacting to crimes allowing fast responses.



Implementing even the best Smart technology is only half the battle. To create a truly impressive seamlessly integrated Smart Solution, it must work from a human perspective too. It needs to provide a positive user experience if it is going to encourage citizen engagement. With HyperCity the data analysis is fast and secure and easy to access from any smart device. Allowing citizens to be part of any decision-making on initiatives taking place in cities or spaces or asking them to voice opinions or give feedback or approval via their smart device can boost participation and allow for citizens to really feel a part of where they live.

Successful cities are built on a solid base of trade and commerce. HyperCity provides Citizen, Tourist, and Business engagement with everyone being able to readily access information - this will bring the city together and will generate revenue to boost the economy.

Making brighter cleaner more secure spaces and cities that are easier to get around can also aid citizen engagement. Having greener spacious and connected places to live with better utilities, waste management, and buildings will make Smart cities and spaces sustainable for all of us. Creating harmony and trust can only create better places to live.

Frank Sheehan, CEO of HyperSphere is greatly influenced by environmental and sustainability issues and looks for solutions to help protect and maintain the world’s resources for future generations. He knew Smart technology would make a difference to the world and he wanted to be a part of it. HyperSphere Ltd was developed and this was the beginning.

HyperCity is part of HyperSphere Group - Big Data visualization and simulation specialists providing strategic consulting, innovative design, project management, and implementation of engaging smart solutions, delivering positive user experience and enhancing people’s lives. We have offices in London and Dubai.

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