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Stella Virabyan, Regional Business Development Manager at Earlyone Stella Virabyan, Regional Business Development Manager at Earlyone

Earlyone’s history goes back to 2016 when it was launched by its parent company as a pioneer of the new generation of cloud-based and hardware-independent QMS. The company has expanded to more than 9 countries / 150 cities worldwide. Earlyone increases citizens lifetime value by digitalizing and intelligently managing customer flows.


The world around us is changing and demanding new skills and approaches. “Earlyone”, our innovative customer flow management system, responds to these new needs by finding new ways to meet challenges.


We are minimizing waiting time in queues in different types of service centers in public and private services, like banks, telecom companies, hospitals, embassies, etc. One of our biggest achievements is that we are the first priority co-sell partner of Microsoft in the region. Our engagement and strong will to achieve our goals enable us to offer cutting-edge solutions by digitalization and intelligent Customer Flow management.

The need for public and government agency services will always be an indivisible part of every citizen’s life. In this age, advanced technologies drive higher expectations from service quality, so service providers have new challenges to meet, especially in the public sector.

With “Earlyone” solution, public services will meet and even exceed those expectations. The ability to monitor, control and manage teams will optimize staff efficiency and increase the satisfaction rate for UAE citizens, residents, and visitors. With our solution, you as a client receive the most customer-centric experience from your service center.

We are all different, but there is something that brings us together; it is a passion for technologies, commitment to go forward, and win.


Earlyone” is a web-based solution, therefore easy to implement on various service centers. The flexibility of the software allows to start using it right away, without additional investments. If you already have an existing queue management system, you can simply upgrade it.

Let us build the IT future together.

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