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Blute Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Blute Technologies is a Technology company, a digital transformation and outsourcing partner of choice for clients in all industries across the world. We adopt cutting-edge technologies to empower clients transform digitally, create business values and success in the ever-changing economic environment. We provide cutting edge product engineering solutions in Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Extended Reality, UI/UX, Mobile and Web, helping Start-up, Small & Medium Business & Enterprise clients untangle complex issues that always emerge during their digital evolution journey.  Team at Blute Technologies is having experience in early adoption of emerging technologies for its clients to always stay ahead of the curve in the era of digital transformation journey. With more than Five decades of collective experience, our team has successfully built and delivered large scale solution to multiple global customers. Smart Locality is a new concept of sustainable urban development aimed on implementing in specific area (locality) with resident engagement and it is easy to implement at a faster pace. This creates entrepreneurs and jobs in the locality.
United Arab Emirates
Rochester Institute of Technology
RIT Dubai has very unique program called City Science and I really enjoyed the course content to upgrade my digital and data analysis skills for Cities.
United States
Cognitive Technologies
CTech is an organization that implements state-of-the-art technologies to empower individuals and organizations towards a wholesome and harmonious society. With expertise in digital infrastructure we establish Internet-of-Things frameworks with both hardware and software automation for individuals, businesses and governments. Our products and services are based on cognitive approaches to problem-solving using the transparency of technology to minimize errors, optimize resource consumption and improve efficiency.
United Kingdom
IDOPI is a brand consultancy that strategically build, rebuild & manage brands. We create meaningful city brands, from product and service to places and smart cities.
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