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United Kingdom
For over 30 years, ideasUK has been at the forefront of workplace innovation. Working with organisations world-wide to introduce and enhance innovation in the workplace. Our purpose is to support an organisation’s sustainability through the power of innovative thinking. ideasUK is a not for profit organisation with an extensive network in the UK, UAE and across Europe who thrive on the diversity our network brings. We are passionate about the voice behind the next big idea and work with organisations to truly harness the power of innovation within their workplace. We help you to grow your organisation’s sustainability through • Accelerating your innovation capability • Inspiring a culture of inclusion and positive change • Encouraging adaptability and diversity of thinking • Improving business processes to reduce costs and add value Because at ideasUK we: • Have built expertise in the field of innovation over three decades so truly know what great looks like • Believe the best approach to innovation excellence is to work with individuals who have already successfully embedded an innovation approach within organisations • Embrace the differences that make each organisation unique and tailor our support to your individual needs • Help you recognise your success and overcome barriers to deliver even greater results
United Arab Emirates
Ajman Police GHQ
Law Enforcement
AI Business School
I have been passionate about GreenTech, Smart & Self Sustainable cities around the world and how they respond. I believe, smart city approach brings security, safety and sustainability along and I %100 support it. Smart Dubai has been a leader turning Dubai a smart city and I have been following its initiatives for so long. I would want to be a part of it as I already have so much idea stored!
Allison Partners Chengdu
Allison PR is a global PR agency, our Chengdu office focuses on local government clients. In the past few years, we have invited over 100 VCs and blockchain startups to Chengdu's entrepreneurship fair. We seek to represent our clients in more international online events connecting Chengdu's companies to global counterparts.
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