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Fitness apps have seen a steep rise in users during the pandemic, Cristina Criddle reported for the BBC.

Strava, which now has 73 million users, said each month this year an average of two million had been registering with its app for the first time.

The app uses global-positioning system (GPS) technology to record exercise, allowing users to compare performances.

Meanwhile, fitness app Freeletics, which has more than 90,000 UK users, saw a 50% increase in use between March and June, during the first lockdown.

'Welcome relief'

"Covid-19 has presented many people with the unique opportunity to exercise more, because, practically, people have fewer reasons not to," Dr. Charlotte Hilton, of the British Psychological Society, said.

"If nothing else, exercise outdoors provides us with some welcome relief from spending so much time indoors during the lockdown.

"However, because of the social restrictions that Covid-19 brings, more people may be turning to online exercise communities and apps to enhance their connectedness to other like-minded people who enjoy exercise."



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