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Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is installing new “smart poles” in different areas around the city, with plans to trial a version of these intelligent streetlights acting as charge stations for drones and electric vehicles, and detect parking violations.

Twenty-six smart poles have already been installed in six different areas, with each pole’s functions customized to the needs of its location in the city, Cities Today reported. These smart poles act as streetlights, traffic lights, environmental sensors, footfall counters, smartphone chargers, Wi-Fi access points, CCTV, and more.

The city plans to use drones to “monitor potential disasters and emergency rescue efforts”, and from later this year, drones will be able to recharge from the upper part of the poles while sending data back to SMG. A spokesperson for the city told Cities Today.

“Smart poles help effectively consolidate the somewhat elaborate road facilities, not only retaining their innate functions but also highlighting various smart technological features,” said Lee Won-Mok, Director General of Smart City Policy at SMG

“These S-Poles are expected to improve urban landscapes and enhance the safety, welfare, and convenience for our Seoul citizens. They will also serve as charging stations for drones and electric vehicles, bringing the city one step closer to becoming a smart city,” he added.


Seoul’s multifunctional smart poles will soon be able to charge drones

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