On-Demand Electric Rideshare Is Coming to Amsterdam

On-Demand Electric Rideshare Is Coming to Amsterdam
22 Jan 2020
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On-Demand electric rideshare will soon be available in Amsterdam following a partnership between rideshare operator ViaVan and Shell

The project will combine Shell’s fast-charging infrastructure in the Dutch capital with ViaVan’s electric vehicle fleet to improve routing information toward available chargers nearby, Cities Today wrote. 

EV charging networks are widespread in Amsterdam due to the demand-driven model that allows members of the public to apply for on-street chargers if they cannot access off-street charging.

However, the majority of these units are designed for residential overnight parking, not transit services.

The new project will rely on a “routing algorithm” to optimize the range and battery utilization of vehicles, monitor the real-time battery status of the fleet, calculate upcoming charging tasks and intelligently route vehicles to Shell charging stations.

Chris Snyder, CEO, ViaVan told Cities Today: “It’s one thing if you know where the vehicle is going to be two hours from now, you can schedule something.

But if you don’t know because your transportation system is dynamic, you need to be able to choose the right charging points in real-time.”

 “We put customers at the heart of all our solutions and are looking forward to this opportunity to prove the viability of a new solution for electric fleets in urban areas,” said Roger Hunter, VP Electric Mobility at Shell. 

“Partnerships will be critical to a successful energy transition, and we are excited to work alongside ViaVan,” he added. 


On-demand electric rideshare launched in Amsterdam

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