Arizona Is Building a Car-Free Neighborhood

Arizona Is Building a Car-Free Neighborhood
08 Jan 2020
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Arizona will host America’s “first car-free neighborhood built from scratch”, where transportation will rely on shared scooters, bikes and foot instead.

The new neighborhood will cost $140 million to build in Tempe, a small city east of Phoenix. It will cater for 1,000 people, but instead of streets and parking lots in front of every home, residents will open their front doors to greenery, courtyards and community spaces.

The developer, Culdesac is self-called the “world’s first post-car real estate developer.” 

The company said that the one of a kind neighborhood, called "Culdesac Tempe", is set to open in fall 2020 with 636 residential units and retail space on the 16-acre site, which is located next to a light rail station, giving direct access to downtown Tempe, the airport, and downtown Phoenix.

“The communities we are living in were optimised for the peak car era,” said Ryan Johnson, Culdesac co-founder and chief executive.

“Culdesac is building spaces for the post-car era. Starting next year, residents of Culdesac Tempe will be able to live life from their doorsteps, rather than seeing it through their windshields,” he added. 



Arizona to get America’s “first car-free neighbourhood built from scratch”

If you want to live in this new Arizona neighborhood, you can’t own a car

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